3 ways mindfulness helps kids

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Make friends with mindfulness


Me, I was almost 50 before I met Mindfulness. Sure wish I’d been 5! Luckily, a friendship with mindfulness can start any time.

Here’s my take: why learning mindfulness helps young kids.

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Emotions feel less scary.

For young kids, emotions are huge. They highjack the mind and body. This is very scary. Adults know feelings will pass but kids really don’t.

Mindfulness helps even young kids learn what I teach:

The mountain of worry has an uphill and a downhill. Worry will rise and it will fall.

Mindfulness helps kids learn feelings come and go.

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It helps kids get to know their bodies.

Yucky emotions come with rough sensations. These are untouchable.

He can cuddle his arm when he falls, but he can’t cuddle his nervous system.

It’s scary.

Mindfulness helps kids get familiar with:

  • tension in the chest
  • butterflies in the tummy
  • grouchies from anger

Kids begin to learn sensations are familiar messengers, not attackers. And that breathing helps.

Mindfulness helps kids get to know bodily feelings.

girl in green shorts sitting on mattress with hands touching her stomach

It builds self-control.

In distress, young kids naturally seek a helper.

The gift of mindfulness – over time – is that kids start to feel “I can be my own helper.”

Being aware of feelings gives you a heads-up. That allows more self-control (someday!). An extra moment to decide what to do.

Run. Punch. Kick.

Or step back. Wait. Ask.

Mindfulness helps kids pause and choose.

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See you next time!

And remember ... Looking through your child's eyes changes everything.


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