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Homework Help for kids

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A Hilarious, Helpful Homework Book for Kids

Hello, again!

Would your kid rather get a tooth pulled than do their homework? It's such a steep hill to climb. To start, to persist, to complete.

If you've got homework wars in your family, here is an unlikely ally:

A little book so powerful, it can turn things around and lessen the strain.

Don't let the gross factor stop you. Gross is great for 3rd graders and up.

Here are 3 reasons why I recommend this book. In fact, I love the whole Laugh & Learn Series it comes from.

It's funny.

How to Do Homework without Throwing written by Trevor Romain brings wacky, witty wisdom.

It hits that funny bone of kids who've got some reading under their belt. When kids hit a wider stride of maturity, weird humor is particularly amusing.

Steve Mark's illustrations are zany, cheerful and rib-tickling. They draw kids IN to content they'd rather avoid.

When things are tense at home, humor can break the ice. Loosen things up. pave the way for some progress.

"Don't pull out your hair because you have homework to do. (The homework won't get done, and you'll go bald." )

Humor can lighten the mood when strictness beings more strain.

It's realistic.

The little book tells it like it is -- in a manner that is direct while also funny. It can likely strike a tone that you can't, at the height of frustration.

"Do not fight and argue with your homework. You will lose. The best way to get your homework done without getting sick every time you see it to just do it."

The main message of How To Do Homework Without Throwing Up is this:

Homework is not going anywhere, no matter how much you wish it would vanish. The best way to over come it is to just do it.

It talks straight to kids with a good dose of silly.

It's practical.

Couched in humor and direct on a kid's level, it delivers practical tips.

Kids know the author gets them. The sections are functional, the content funny.

  • How to get started.
  • How to persist.
  • Excuses that make things worse for you.
  • The good feeling of being done.

If you're tired of lecturing, this little book can take over -- and become a friend and ally to your child.

Books can light the parenting path.

My current project is a parent-child book series called Together Tools. In animated tales, coping skills for families will unfold in story form.

The healing magic of ChildSightTools® will reach kids and parents, cuddled up together, through books in laps.

For updates and details, write me at

Thanks for joining me. If this helped you, send it to a friend!

See you next week.

And remember ... Looking through your child's eyes changes everything.


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