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Good Behavior Breakfasts

Hi there!

Families don't expect me, as a child psychologist, to think about food.

But I have to.

None of my behavior tricks work on an under-fed brain.

Food is fuel for the Brain's Big Jobs in a kid's day: to Focus. Learn. Remember. Self-regulate. Choose.

Sounds cliche, but many "psych" problems are solved by a brain-friendly breakfast.

Here are some ideas.

bowl of oatmeal with many blueberries

Note: I haven't put any nutritionist-approved recipes in this issue. But I may in later ones!

Steel-cut oats

Regular oats are good. Steel-cut oats are better, with even slower burning carbs. They stay with your child's brain. Soak the oats overnight and cook up a big batch in the morning. It can last a few days.

bowl of streel cut oats
Slow-burning carbs give kids long-lasting brain fuel.


Eggs have great sustaining protein. Proteins build brain neurotransmitters that regulate attention, mood, impulse control.

There are lots of ways to make eggs entertaining. Eggs in a hole? Make it whole wheat or Ezekiel.

Proteins builds brain chemicals for learning and emotional control.

Protein-up the pancakes

Plain pancakes are vanishing, low quality fuel. Fruit toppings look healthy but won't compensate for the quick-burning carbs.

There are lots of ways to protein-up pancakes. Yogurt, protein powder or extra eggs. Ask your nutritionist! Some protein pancakes can be gluten free and even moist.

Protein-rich pancakes help learning, not hamper it.

(Of course, kids can be picky -- a topic for a whole other issue!)

Consult a dietician or nutritionist! Review your child's diet and make a custom plan for their needs.

Parents track food and behavior in Uncover The Clues, part 1 of Cool the Tantrums. Learn to notice patterns with my ChildSightTools Noticing Form.

Hope this was helpful! See ya next time.

And remember ... Looking through your child's eyes changes everything.


Dr. Beth

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